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Training of operators & MikroTik’s expert (MTCNA

Audience of the Course

Generally participants in this training course are experts & people who are interested in networking and also supporting experts who are working base on different routers and MikroTik network projects.

Advantage of taking the course

Advantages of taking this course are the initial overview of different services, their operation, and method of using RouterOS operating system and implementation of available services in training headlines.

Purposes of the course

The purpose of the course is to learn how to design, implementation, fault detection and troubleshooting in services and their operation in MikroTik networks

Prerequisite of the course

Taking prerequisite in this course is not necessary but sufficient information about TCP/IP will be useful.

Course time:   The course holds for 3 days from 08:30 a.m. up to 05:00 p.m.


Course’s Headlines

An overview of MikroTik hardware and operating system (Router OS, Router Board)
An overview of the method of network initial services implementation (NTP, DNS, DHCP, ARP,…)
An overview and method of MikroTik firewall implementation ( Filtering, Nat, Mangle)
An overview and method of implementation of bandwidth management and services quality: Simple Queue, Queue Tree, PCQ
An overview and method of implementation of wireless services (Wireless Standards, Nstreme, Security)
An overview and method of implementation of second  bridging connection tunnel services (Bridging, EOIP, WDS)
An overview and method of implementation of routing (Routing, Static Route)
An overview and method of implementation of: Point To Point, PPPx Server, Client

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